Volkan Yılmaz born in 1975 in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district, began his musical education at the Istanbul Conservatory in 1986, where he learned NEY from great masters such as Fuat Tükelman and later Salih Bilgin. In 1995 he started at the Radio Istanbul TRT as a Neysolist and finally finished his studies at the Conservatory in 1997.

Numerous concerts and CD recordings with the Ayangil Ensemble. He played as guest soloist with the Ensemble SARBAND throughout Europe. CD recordings with Concerto Köln and Ensemble Sarband (Deutsche Grammophon); soloist with “My father’s work” composed by Timur Selcuk; film music for “While Abdulhamit was ending”, album of virtuoso Mutlu Torun “Meetings”, album of Erkan Ogur “Never”, album of Yarkin Rhythm Group “Skin” and “Skin at Skin”, also other recordings with Ottoman music as Neyspieler. Volkan Yılmaz already has his place among the great masters of Turkish music as a neyvirtuoso.