With the Echo Klassik prizewinner Pera Ensemble, known for his crossover projects. 

New sound spheres between baroque and jazz.

Specialists in the historical performance practice of the Baroque meets virtuoso jazz musicians.

Baroque music is freer in nature then music composed in the following epochs due to the principle of continuo playing. There is room for ornamentation, phrasing and improvisation. Especially in the cantatas and instrumental works of the early baroque period, such elements are much more present. From the Viennese Classicism onwards the ornamental improvisation and the exact notation that tells the performer exactly how to perform the music wins in importance.

From the 20th century onwards, with the emergence of new musical styles such as blues and jazz, new variations of the Harmonics, rhythmics and improvisation techniques, which are not noted down. In modern jazz, where you can get more of

classical harmonies and modal improvisations leave more room for the soloist, emerge over time numerous fusions and developments in the sector, which are still going on today. Such as the one by the French pianist Jacques Loussier developed a style called “Baroque Jazz”, arranging compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach.

A jazz quartet meets baroque strings, theorbo, colascione. The soprano Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, specialized in Baroque music has started a steep career worldwide and is a permanent soloist of Pera Ensemble, gives this fusion the necessary touch.

A new culture of sound that combines yesterday, today and tomorrow in a symbiosis. Ingenious arrangements with many facets of jazz, as well as a mixture of spherical sounds, filigree swing, jazzlicks and baroque melodies. Improvisation to a baroque Ciaccona, a Monteverdi Lamento accompanied by jazz harmonies.

No, non fuggire by Scarlatti powerfully and passionately staged, arranged with modern rhythms and new sounds, or Monteverdi’s Lamento della Ninfa, softly and sensitively accompanied by a jazz piano and baroque continuo playing. Handel’s Vo far from the opera Rinaldo with virtuoso collages, a crystal clear voice sung by Francesca, embedded in fiery Jazzlicks.

CD and Video production November 2020