Ud – musical director

Concerts given with the Sarband Ensemble, in addition to those with Concerto Köln and Jordi Savall’s Hésperion XXI, made an international name of composer and musician Mehmet C. Yeşilçay.  Aside from conducting the Pera Ensemble, which he founded in 2005, it was his concerts and arrangements of Eric Satie’s works, and his performances with the great Sufi Orchestra at the Munich Philharmonic and other venues, which brought him widespread recognition.  During the 2007 UNESCO commemorative year for Mevlana, Yeşilçay compiled the program “I Am Wind You Are Fire” in collaboration with the Bergische Symphoniker (soloist: Ahmet Özhan), the same event at which he premiered his acclaimed composition QUN.  He work closely with soprano Edita Gruberová, for whom he created new arrangements of Händel’s Arias.
He also arranged and produced the pastiche ARMIDA, Amor Oriental (DHM/Sony Music).  In 2012, he directed the project MUSIC FOR THE ONE GOD, financed and supported by the European Union and the Turkish government.  Numerous concerts at venues such as the World Cultural Heritage Hagia Irena in Istanbul and the imminent release of a CD (2013) associated with this project, attest to Yeşilçay’s accomplished skill not only as a conductor and arranger, but as a project leader, forging new and successful paths in both fields.

Mehmet C. Yeşilçay studied music theory, Makam instruction and the lute (Oud) under C. Tanrıkorur, and religious music under Seyyid Nusret Yeşilçay.  Currently he is working on his project “Mahomet” (“Mohammad”, a musical rendering of an ode by Goethe), and “Istanbul”, a symphonic poem for orchestra, choir and Turkish instruments, in addition to new projects for his ensemble.  The Pera Ensemble is composed of Turkish and European specialists in historically informed performance.  Depending on the nature of a given production, renowned guest musicians often participate in the project, thereby enriching an ensemble which has continued to evolve since 2005

2012 Echo Klassik Award.

Mehmet C. Yeşilçay is the musical director of the Pera Ensemble and lives in Munich/Germany.

“DIASPORA- Lieder aus der Fremde. Composition for Symphonyorchestra and turkish instruments”

Worldpremiere 26th May 2016-Staatsphilharminie Rheinland Pfalz

“DIVAN- Goethe verbindet. Composition orchestra, choir, soloists and turkish instruments

Worldpremiere 24th October 2018-Munuch Philharmonic Hall

  • PositionMusical Director
  • InstrumentOud

Ud (Ebony/Ivory); by Hans Herb Erlangen Mehmet C. Yeşilçay plays instruments of Barış Yekta Karatekeli, İzmir. Kürschner Strings.
Ud (Ebony/Ivory); by Hans Herb Erlangen
Mehmet C. Yeşilçay plays instruments of Barış Yekta Karatekeli, İzmir. Kürschner Strings.