musical career:


Concerts with the singer Melihat Gülses 1998-2001, Ahmet Özhan 2003-today
Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

State Music Ensemble in Istanbul and Ensemble for Historical Music in Istanbul as Kanun and Santur player 1988-1990.

University of Istanbul:

Lecturer in musicology, composition, instrumentation, introduction to Turkish music theory 1985-2003, leader of the student orchestra 1987-1999.

Radio Istanbul TRT:

As Kanun and Santur player 1982-1984.


For film and theatre, “Hamlet” 2001; “Our Masters” 2001; “Old time Clothes” by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar 2005; “Fun City” by Sabahattin Ali 2005; CD recordings with, among others, the ensembles Sarband and Bezmara Numerous concerts with Sarband, Ensemble for Historical Music Emre- and Ferahfeza Ensemble. Founding member Pera Ensemble.


Istanbul Conservatory; Master’s degree from the Institute of Social Sciences in 1988; Master’s degree in interpretation and conducting in Turkish music. 1995. bachelor degree at Istanbul Conservatory, 1982. Mr. ‘hsan ÖZER composed numerous works for small and large ensembles in the field of Turkish classical music. He is currently assistant director of the Ensemble for Historical Music Istanbul and is also active here as a Kanun and Santur player. He is married to Lütfiye Özer, an outstanding kemence virtuoso and is father of two children, Emre and Ömer.

  • InstrumentKanun