Kemençe, Rebab, Viola d’ Amore, Santur

Born in 1958 in Sivas in eastern Turkey. Here he began to study music at a young age in various music ensembles and educational institutions. Kirkor ELMASDA and Doğan TOKGÖZ were his first teachers. In 1978 he began to study the instrument Kemençe at the Istanbul Conservatory. His teachers were İhsan ÖZGEN, Haydar SANAL, Bekir Sıtkı SEZGİN, Alâeddin YAVASÇA, İnci ÇAYIRLI, Nejdet VAROL, Cahit ATASOY and Hurşit UNGAY. In 1981 he was hired by Istanbul Radio as a Kemençe artist. In 1983 he graduated from the Conservatory and had the opportunity to work with great masters such as Necdet YASAR ve Erol DERAN. Hasan ESEN played concerts in the USA, Germany, England, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Greece, China, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Brazil and Canada. He has also made numerous CD productions and recordings worldwide. In 1999 he took up the post of musical director at Radio Istanbul.

He began his activities as a composer in 1977. Numerous works (instrumental and vocal music, children’s songs, film music, sacred music), over 120 compositions. Many of his compositions have been awarded with prizes. He is currently working at the Istanbul Radio, as well as musical director of the Eyüp Mûsıkî Vakfı. Hasan Esen is married and has a son named Cem.

  • InstrumentKemençe, Rebab, Sinekeman