Project Description

From Soul to Soul

Songs of love spanning two centuries

“The monastery church became a temple of love –
So gripping is the Early Baroque, that the ever exotic style, the glamour and flourish which many may find tedious to listen to, succeeded on this evening in proving them utterly wrong Yeşilçay and his nine-piece ensemble illustrated the early interest (leanings, admiration) of Händel, Purcell or Vivaldi for the Ottoman Empire, which, in turn, adopted elements of Western music, leaving their stylistic mark upon it.” (Holsteiner Courier)

“Seni seviyorum,” “Ich liebe dich,” “Ti amo,” “Je t’aime,” “I love you,” – it is these words which have built and destroyed kingdoms. Can such a prodigious thing as love ever be pinned down? Surely not, but through the luxuriance, splendor and nuance inherent in 17th and 18th century music, one can begin to fathom its mystery. For it is here that one encounters not only the joys and sorrows of love between two people, but divine love. ‘From Soul to Soul’ is a sumptuous baroque concert performance which captivates with a finely balanced blend of high emotion and mystique. Music includes works by Monteverdi, Strozzi, Vivaldi, Händel, Purcell, Sultan Murad Han, Dede Efendi, Itri amongst others.