Project Description

Baroque Oriental

The Mediterranean in the Baroque Era

Abduction into the Seraglio – the Pera Ensemble mesmerizes with West-East sounds. “Thoughtfully to float for ever/ ‘Tween two worlds, be man’s endeavour!” : Thus muses Goethe in his ‘West-Eastern Divan’, and it is in light of this motto that one can begin to capture the finesse inherent in the playful experiments of the Pera Ensemble. Breathtakingly beautiful, often flowing in a mezzo-piano, indeed, one can hear the kind of music that would have graced the magnificent Ottoman courts.. (Darmstädter Echo).

Oriental flavors enveloping Baroque melodies, Italian ornamentation interlacing Ottoman melismas: It is in this musical fashion that Mediterranean cultures, religions and philosophies are brought together into the realm of the Baroque Era. The listener can no more resist the passion of the Passacaglie, Madrigals and Canzoni than he can the immensely colorful compositions of the sultan’s palace. “Baroque Oriental” is an inspiring engagement between Oriental and European instruments, crowned by virtuoso solo voices. Works include: Claudio Monteverdi, Maurizio Cazzati, Luigi Rassi, Giulio Caccini, Gazi Giray Han, Wojciech Bobowski alias Ali Ufki.

Ensemble: Ud Kanun, Kemençe, Ney, Shalms, Viola da Gamba, Theorba/Baroqueguitar, Percussion, Contralto or Soprano

Echo Klassik Award 2012


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