The “polyphony” of cultural life in Europe and especially in Germany is enriched by our transcultural orchestra. Music knows no borders and language barriers and builds bridges between people – regardless of their nationality, religion or cultural background.
Unfortunately, however, cultural life came to a standstill during the pandemic. We know Orient and Occident can no longer be separated, and yet:
… we stood and stand in front of national borders that had long since been overcome and open. We dine alone and only touch friends and relatives via a screen. We need cultural exchange for cultural understanding and understanding more than ever, now that Germany is moving towards a terrifying standstill in intercultural communication.
Concepts and perspectives on how to proceed after Corona are all the more important..

All we are saying is give peace a chance. John Lennon

Music connects seemingly insurmountable positions, is not dependent on linguistic misunderstandings and can train a certain way of thinking and acting that does not remain trapped in dialectical patterns.
The PERA ENSEMBLE introduces us to these worlds of thinking and listening and shows how strongly the power of music can influence our decisions and opinions.

The Pera Ensemble is now taking the next important step in its artistic development. Joint projects, e.g. with the Heidelberg University of Education, show that the Pera Ensemble can initiate future-oriented projects. Experience gained over the past 20 years predestines us to develop new projects and models with a lighthouse effect and to realise them efficiently.


Our goal is to establish a transcultural orchestra based in Munich that can be an example for the entire republic and Europe. Music as a model for a polyphonic society.