With mystical and sacred music, medieval laudas and Sufi songs, this project tells the story of Franz von Assisis’s encounter with Sultan Al Kamil and at the same time the story of a rapprochement and peace. Exactly 800 years ago, in 1219, Francis of Assisi travelled to Damietta with the 5th Crusade. His aim was to achieve world peace and he sought religious dialogue. In Sultan Al Malik he found a friend who shared his views and enriched him culturally. Freely based on the Islamic mystic Rumi, who made the statement “music is the language of God”, the Pera Ensemble creates a creative musical synthesis of both worlds.


CD Aufnahmen zu Levante in Vipiteno/Italien

Pera Ensemble new CD Produktion with Enea Sorini, Pamela Lucciarini-Gesang & Massimiliano Toni-Cembalo, Christoph Sommer-Lauten, Dmitry Lepekhow-Violine, Claudia Mende-Violine, Sarah Perl-Viola da Gamba, Serkan Halili-Kanun, Derya Turkan-Kemençe, Volkan Yilmaz-Ney, Ozan Pars-Perkussion, Paolo Rossetti-Perkussion. Mehmet C. Yesilcay-musikalische Leitung, Oud, Colascione